Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's hard to detach myself from "mom" to "Me" because I haven't been anyone else for a while. I want to explore this "Me" person. I want a group of friends that can honestly say they enjoy being around me. I need a fire in my heart with the passion I used to have. Love unabandoned. Express who I am without bounds. Do I know who that person is? Where did that lusty redhead go? I love being me, but am I on fire? I want to feel the flames of heat for my love. Do I love me? Where are these cravings a young woman should feel? Beauty is not just skin deep! I know what real love is and yet I let the precious moments pass me by because I can't feel the heat that once consumed me! Oh, to feel that again, why did those flames burn out?! To be hot on the inside as well as out. Is it true? Do I dare to believe the words of his lips that used to make me tremble when they kissed me.

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