Wednesday, October 21, 2015

J.P. Hearticulate


                            J.P. Edwards

         This album has touched many people already and it just had its debut! 

From my own hometown of Texarkana, Jeffrey Parker makes friends with everyone he meets. 

We met at Starbucks while I was at work there and his kindness made an impression on me.

The crew has adopted him as part of the family, which I am sure that all the people in Texarkana are very proud that his talent comes from here. 

I spoke with Frank Pryor, producer at S.M.A.R.T. production studios, and he said that he was very proud of this project. He was so excited and wanted me to write about my friend and his successful music, saying "It's like being wrapped in a big warm hug!"

I am so pleased with the opportunity to be able to jot down a few thoughts about this kind fellow that came to drink coffee and chat with us. 

Being from Texarkana is a blessing and a curse, of your choosing. There are so many uniquely talented people here, but some don't go after their dreams. We have A LOT of musicians to be discovered right here! 
            J.P. has the right idea. With brilliant lyrics and soft melodies that you can fall in love with, this romantic album sends you swooning for more of his talent. 

     There is no denying the beautiful voice and wonderful ability of his new album Hearticulate. check it out for yourself!

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Take a look at the studio!

Order this heartwarming album today!

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