Thursday, July 23, 2015

Heavy Glow

                                  Heavy Glow

A visit to Tk...
  Our town is called "twice as nice" but it only truly is when guys like this come to perform for us. Mingled in with our local talent, there just really isn't anywhere better to be in that moment. 
        I just met these guys on May 18, 2015 and they had a great impact on my love for music. So much so, that i HAD to write this blog.
 Their founder, Stevie Salas, was raised in San Diego, California, where he was influenced by a great variety of music.                                                  

 The talent of these friends is a collective amount of personality, melodic psychedelic retro feeling tunes that I can't help but to dance and head bang to.
You might call me a big fan, Heavy Glow enthusiast...
When they go on tour, they put their whole heart and soul into the performance. You can tell that they have a lot of fun on and off stage, making friends in every city they visit.
Every trip is filled with shenanigans, heart-filled moments and collaborations of dedicated musicians. I feel so happy and honored that they would come to my city and make my friends, their friends!

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