Saturday, August 25, 2012

"Garnish" your creative life

 As I was scrubbing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees, I was beginning to realize why so many people find it hard to eat well. Ok, I understand America! Why you are having trouble eating right and excercising, I do get it. You don't have alot of time, just like me, you struggle with knowing what to eat and when. A workout schedule is hard to keep as well. I mean I am wondering how in the world my house is so dirty when i am here all the time and i am constantly cleaning! LOL
People who work and have kids have the most work cut out for them with health.

  I absolutely love food, but i am realizing that i have no idea what i am doing when it comes to cooking dishes. I want so badly for my family to eat together and eat healthy, but we all like different things! I want to try new recipes, but honestly i dont have alot of time. I try to pick up some different fruit or vegetable at the grocery store every time, but i need to research it first. Who has time for that? I dont currently own a smart phone so i couldnt just look it up either. With little money and even less time, it gets harder and harder to put together good meals instead of call for take out or hitting the nearest drive-thru window, I feel your pain! I bought radish today and duh, its a Garnish!! haha
I dont know any recipes to use it, but i knew it was a vegetable. I will have to come up with a way to use it.

 So, we know that there are many bad effects that alcohol, tobacco and even prescribed (and not) drugs have on our bodies and we still use them. Fruits and vegetables have many positive effects to our bodies. Why not take a step to new health by buying fruits and vegetables and make the time to eat them?! I know what you are thinking: I can't afford it, I don't know how, I already try, I don't have time. Well, if i can squeeze in some creative thinking into my brain, you can too. Think healthy and be healthy, even if you have to research and read and study until you gain all the knowledge you need to cook and eat and excercise to better health!!

  Presently, I have been struggling the last couple of weeks to stay on track. My eating habits have changed and my excercise hasn't been on cue for my schedule that i had. I have many goals that i want to obtain and i am realizing i have a long way to go. Along with studying fitness and nutrition, I am going to need to study culinary, because i love food and i want to know how to make all the ingredients come together in a dish. This takes lots of work, but it is so worth it! Its worth the effort to eat right and that takes preparation. If you don't take the time to eat healthy, you will feel sick soon after you gobble down unhealthy junk that is fast. I understand you feel faint and need to get something down you quickly, eat an apple or orange until you get your meal made. If you want to reach your goals, add some creativity but choosing to learn and grow, its the spice of life.

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