Saturday, August 18, 2012

  Visalus isn't just "something to do" for me. I honestly didnt know what kind of career i wanted until now. I am very interested in a great many things. I love Music, I would love to teach, I want to take physcology, english, history...I love all kinds of things. I also want to learn to play the piano, relearn the flute, maybe even the guitar. Now I am interested in martial arts, kickboxing, yoga, and personal training. That is my new goal to become certified and be a nutrtionist. I want to help people get healthy and make it a lifestyle. People dont understand and they say "But i like to eat" uh hello, I do too!!! That is why i workout! People need to wake up and realize that they can make small changes and gradually learn new habits that they will do without thinking about it and may start leaving unhealthy things alone!!! I just dont understand how people can say they want to lose weight or look good in a two-piece and not try to change! If you want something, you are going to have to work for it, its not just gonna happen! Yes excercising can be difficult, but it is worth it for your self-esteem! I am not asking anyone to give up all their favorite foods, I am simply saying that you can cut down, lose weight and start making healthier choices. You may even be able to make some of the recipes you love with less sugar and fat than before.
   My challenge kits are awesome and I love telling people about it! The products we have will help you stay focused and energized! We have a wonderful company that is one big family! We care and we want you to be happy and healthy! So why not get started on your goals today? you can get fit for free and help your family and friends do the same! I am here to help, so no more excuses!
You CAN afford it! Just do it :)

My Challenge showdown video:

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