Friday, August 31, 2012

  Rather than blast all over facebook, i figured i would write a "diary" entry. I am feeling really overwhelmed by alot of things right now. I have a full time job taking care of my three girls and this house and the bills. With the girls starting school, it makes me want to do something so much! I am so ambitious, but have yet to accomplish much for myself. I LOVE my job but its not making money as fast as i want. Well, i LOVE being home with my three yr old and she keeps me busy so i dont have alot of time to promote and i dont have alot of money either. So, now i am asking God what he wants me to do and he is telling me that i AM doing what i need to do. I am so impatient and want to do so many things. I also want to make money so i can help my husband and have more fun with my kids. I want them to be able to do special activities that harness their talents. I hope by spring that my business will be doing well so that i can put my daughter in preschool, but i really like being home with her bc she is growing so fast. I definitely do not just want to pay some strangers to watch her when i can do it myself. I am worried that it would be a waste of effort and money anyway bc i would have to pay childcare and gas and probably wouldnt bring anything home at just any job. I have high goals and i intend to achieve them, but not at the expense of my daughter. I want to enjoy this time with her, but i am constantly worried about money. I want to put my faith in God and start putting a plan into motion.

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