Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Busy mom, multi-tasking?!

Today i am thinking about alot of things.
1. fashion: I love to look special. It takes alot of work, time and money to build a wardrobe and i have three little girls to dress too! I want them to have different styles, designs and colors when getting dressed. I also want them to have the right accessories and hairstyles to go with it. I see people with great outfits that match their day and personality and i just wonder how they pull it off. I mean, I am still trying to find my signature style and its even harder when you dont have time to shop. I love seconhand things because i dont feel as bad if i keep something a week and then decide i hate it.

2. Recipes and food! I need to print off recipes and think of creative ways to incorporate good foods into meals that my family will love to eat together. and this leads me to the second thing of number 2: coupons!! I have got to get printing so i can save money!

3. Homework! I love to teach my daughters new things and study with them what they are learning in school. I need to research and get to printing out a weekly plan of cool things for us to do together. which also includes crafts!!!

4. excercise! It is so hard for me to stick to a schedule with kids! I love that i have a full time job with precious little ones, but i also need to figure out a way to kick up my workout routine while still leaving energy for them.

5. THE CHALLENGE! I have got to get to promoting! I have a party to plan on Sunday and i need to get to calling people for it. I absolutely love my job and i have got to get the success rolling with helping people get fit for free!


  1. I am ALWAYS multi-tasking!! Wouldn't have it any other way!!!

    1. I have noticed that i am happiest when i am busy, but i get overwhelmed sometimes. everyday i have a high point and a low point and i cant stick to a schedule all the time. I am a perfectionist but flexible. I love my job and i love being a mom. one day the two will mesh well!!