Wednesday, March 6, 2013

So I should've posted a New Year's resolution on here, but I guess I just wanted to achieve it! I guess its true about writing it down makes you turn it into a plan though. I did/do write things all the time, they just don't get wrote on here that often.  I am starting to go after my goals this year!!
I didn't get my Executive promoter kit or my personal training studies started like I wanted, but I have gotten my article written on Young moms club!!! This was on my list! I also wanted to do something artistic, which I am! I got a role in the local college play! I also want to take my business and fitness to the next level and budget our family money better. I am determined to get my physique in top condition! I have to start researching muscle gain. I know that this paragraph is not super interesting and not very grammar fantastic, but I just had to type this up because I am so proud of the progress I am making that I have wanted for so long. I really hope my charities go well and that I can help people get free nutrition and lose weight/get fit!

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