Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sexism in 2015, what a bitch

                  In the words of Lily Allen, it's hard out here for a bitch!

       I was raised in the south with very little knowledge of how the world works and my place as a woman. I got pregnant at 15...yes i had sex when i was 15...not uncommon at all, but very "frowned upon." Well let me just let you in on a secret...alot of people have sex at 15, why should i have to justify it just because I'm a woman?! Not frowned upon for a man, just a woman because she can get pregnant. Well, guess what? I have a beautiful 14 year old daughter! She knows about sex, because i told her...I made sure she understands the reason why she is inclined to want to try it because of hormones, the reason why she should always have protection and birth control. I also told her that it's a big decision and not let guys talk her into it like i did. My daughters will be fully educated on sex and how she has the right to live as she chooses. She will know that she does not have to feel shame for engaging in sexual activity as long as she is safe. She will also be a strong woman who pursues her goals and does not get arranged into a marriage before she is grown enough to know better.
           2015 and it's still so sexist that i want to scream! Why are my sexual needs not important? Why is it not ok for me to have lovers?Yes, multiple, because let's  face it, i have options and i don't want to have to spend the rest of my life with someone i don't have a burning desire to have sex with every night! I am so sick of feeling degraded just because i have sex! Don't spout your ridiculous religion at me either! I am a human  being that lives as such.
      Men, just because i don't want you does not mean that I am less of a person! Respect me, respect yourself and move the fuck on! I love sex, but that doesn't make me a "slut" and besides, what's wrong with a healthy sexual appetite? Just because you want me, does not mean i have to give in!
     I work hard, i am promiscuous, and i take care of business! If you don't like it, bite me!
I am not property, I have a brain and feelings and i can do as i please! You can't just use me and throw me aside and call me a slut, it's degrading and guess what? I can do better than you! No doubt that's why you ditched me, fear of many more people to choose from, why would i give a shit if you broke my heart? I'm a free woman, free to live and love as i see fit.
This isn't ancient biblical times where i will need to be stoned for leaving my childhood husband, this is America where we all have rights to explore our sexuality and marry for love not circumstance.

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